Lily’s Livers

Lily's Livers - 2oz all natural cat treats - Dehydrated chicken liver heart sweet potato & kale treat | Smilin' Dog Bakery, LLC.

Lily’s Livers


A delicious cat fragrant cat treat that most felines love! Our cats love them as a snack or sprinkled on their raw food as a tasty addition!

Your cats will love this crunchy chicken liver/ chicken heart recipe and find them simply irresistible. They are partially ground combined with small pieces to be easily sprinkled on wet or dry food. The lid can also be opened and smaller pieces can be fed as a treat. Shake the container and see who comes running!

Ingredients: USDA fresh chicken livers, fresh chicken hearts, fresh sweet potatoes, fresh kale, organic kelp powder, organic alfalfa powder. 100% all-natural grain free.


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Weight 2 oz