Slammin’ Salmon

Slammin' Salmon - 4oz all natural & grain free dog treats - 100% Dehydrated Salmon Skins | Smilin' Dog Bakery, LLC.

Slammin’ Salmon


Slammin’ Salmon Dog Treats are making their way to the top of “favorites list” at Smilin’ Dog Bakery. The dehydration process removes the majority of the “fishiness” that some folks are concerned with. Give your dogs these and you will see them light up with joy!

Salmon skin is an awesome dog treat as it has an abundance of healthy Omega3 fatty acids. These fats support the immune system and can be beneficial for skin and coat health. Some studies show an indication that they may benefit dogs with allergies. Dogs love these crunchy yummy sticks. When starting your dog on these, feed in moderation as the oil can be rich. These will become one of your pups favorite treats and have them beggin’ for more!

Ingredients: Dehydrated fresh Atlantic salmon skin. 100% all-natural grain-free

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