Smelties Cat Treats

Smelties - 100% All natural dehydrated smelt | Smilin' Dog Bakery, LLC.

Smelties Cat Treats


Smelties Cat Treats are a yummy crunchy Omega3 rich fish that’s sure to please even the most finicky kitty cat! Your cat’s ears will perk up each time they hear you shake the container!

Cats LOVE fish and these little tasty treats are favorite at Smilin’ Dog Bakery’s house with our two cats! They are partially ground combined with small pieces to be easily sprinkled on wet or dry food. The lid can also be opened and smaller pieces can be fed as a treat. Shake the container and see who comes running! MEOW!

Ingredients: Fresh dehydrated smelt fish, 100% all-natural grain-free


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Weight 2 oz